Online event… Petition every MP in opposition!

Been a busy few days here at United Disabled Resistance Movement


The welfare and work reform Bill has terrified those of us who are once again being targeted by the harsh ‘its better to work’ rhetoric when we are never ever going to be fit for work.  It has been soul destroying knowing we are at the mercy of people who will never understand the diversity of the label disabled.  Feeling powerless, helpless and hopeless some of us decided we would leave our mark on the government by sharing our very emotional and personal stories, about how we became disabled, what we go through daily being disabled, the painful treatments we endure, the side effects of these treatment, how Welfare reform over the last 5 years has impacted us, and what potentially this new reform will do to us.


It has not been easy, but for anyone out there who claims that those who cannot physically attend demo’s are second class activists, have no idea how arduous this has been.  This has cut deep, touching on things that emotionally we are unable to even face ourselves and share them, Sharing things we are ashamed of, like incontinence of the bowel.  Then sending 340 emails, mostly getting generic answers, which we have then had to rebut! But so far we have 130 Mps supporting us!  Ok so far the tories far outweigh us, but who knows yet where the others may swing.

Following this success we then contacted all newspapers and media channels to inform them of this with a copy of our own private stories.  They do not include every detail because we wanted them to be concise, but we hope we got our point across… here is MY story, with our media letter attached!

I am writing to you concerning the second reading of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill 2015/16 which was originally scheduled to be held on 21st July but is now to be debated on Monday 20th July.

I am a member of an online protest group called the United Disabled Resistance Movement which holds all of it’s demonstrations and protests online due to the limitations imposed on us by geography and our varying impairments.

Our latest action, held between 16th and 19th July 2015 has been for several of us to write or email our own life stories about our impairments and the restrictions placed on us by these impairments to every MP in the House of Commons. We have told them how it feels to be branded a skiver and a scrounger for something we were unable to change made us feel. We told them how losing financial support or having it reduced, and being interrogated as a criminal until we could prove our innocence as genuinely sick, has impacted on us. We then went on to explain how future targets, as seen in the provisions of the Bill, would devastate us and may mean that we would have t live in residential care instead of in our own homes.

We have received considerable support across all parties for our action so we each wish to share our ‘real’ stories anonymously with you because we are human beings, with additional needs who deserve care and support, not hate crime and Welfare cuts. We also feel that it is only right for us to share the names of the MPs who have supported us and who have said they will be voting against the Bill.

This is my story. You have my permission to quote from it if you wish but I do not give you permission to use my name or address.

Yours sincerely,


I am called a benefit skiver, yet all my life I have been a striver. From the age of 3 years I strived to not be anally sexually abused, then I strived to not have bowel incontinence. I strived academically so hard I repressed the memories of my abuse. I went to Law school for 3 years doing my Llb hons Law, working and paying tax as I had done since I was 16 years old,  to support myself through Education.

I married, my husband has always worked full time paying tax, we have 3 children. 13 years ago my repressed memories started to escape. I developed agoraphobia, monophobia and finally full blown PTSD. I was never weak. I was born with a spinal deformity and hyperjoint mobility. I have always had to fight against my own body to achieve. I attended physiotherapy most of my childhood and teens which I have been unable to attend since developing agoraphobia, so my mental health has meant I am forced to neglect my Physical health. I know I have arthritus in my feet, knee’s lower back and hips.  I am 36 years old and fear for my future because I am in pain everyday all day now.  
It has taken me 13 years to get therapy to fully assess me I have had 6 session of an extended assessment, and now I am on another 6 sessions of extended assessment. I appealed to Mps, councillors, advocates, Mind charity. The delay in my therapy means I am now a seriously complex case. This means it is unlikely to ever be ‘cured’ 
 I need 24 hr care. I do not eat, I need to be made to eat. I do not wash, I do not bathe, I do not clean my teeth, I self harm. I live in bed because I feel exposed anywhere else. 
My incontinence shames me, I need prompting to go to the toilet because the sensation triggers my PTSD. I have many accidents, I need to be cleaned. I have lost my own life. I have lost my children’s childhoods. 
We survive on my husbands wage which is totally consumed by rent and council tax. My family lives entirely off the child tax credits and working tax credit. My additional needs are paid for by my enhanced rate PIP. We rely on the support of housing benefit. The 5 of us live in a 3 bedroom terrace house close to my carer who does not drive. We cannot get a council house because one does not exist. My husband works physically hard everyday leaving for work at 5am picking up just over £200.00 a week. If our welfare is cut, we will break.
 You have no idea how feeling attacked by the government feels when you have been attacked all your life everyday. I have lived through physical  and emotional abuse from caregivers, peers, partners.  Now the media and Government are physically abusing me through financial neglect and mentally abusing me through this rhetoric and narrative of skiver, shirker, scrounger.  180 people report disability hate crime a day.  This has not come from ‘no-where’. There is a direct correlation between what politicians label people as, the the reinforcement of those labels via docu-soaps and the tabloids.
 I do not know how we will cope, seriously I do not know if I will stay alive. I am an at risj patient who is overwhelmed by the direct targeting of people with disabilities.  
 I still aspire, I aspire to recover one day, I aspire to finally fulfil my career. Do not assume that because we are on welfare we are not strivers, and not hard working.  Do not ignore us.  99.5% of all claimants are genuine, and it is those genuine, vulnerable people who are being damaged and killed by these Welfare reforms, because they do not have a choice.  They cannot improve their lives through employment, because they will never ever be capable of any sustained employment.  We are helpless, we are at the mercy of your vote, please consider us.
Please vote against the Welfare Reform and Work Bill 2015-16
Yours sincerely
Here are the MP names who are currently oppossing the Welfare and Work Reform Bill 2015
Diane Abbot
Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh
dave anderson
Richard Arkless
Hannah Bardell
Kevin Barron
Mhairi Black
Roberta Blackman-Woods
Ian Blackford
Kirsty Blackman
Philip Boswell
Tom Brake
Deidre Brock
Richard Burgon
Lisa Cameron
Ronnie Campbell
Alistair Carmichael
Douglas Chapman
Joanna Cherry
Nick Clegg
laurence coleman
Jeremy Corbyn
Ronnie Cowan
David Crausby
Angela Crawley
Alex Cunningham
Martyn Day
Martin Docherty
Stuart Donaldson
Peter Dowd
Tim Farron
Marion Fellows
Margaret Ferrier
jim fitzpatrick
Robert Flello
Stephen Gethins
Patricia Gibson
Pat Glass
roger godsiff
Patrick Grady
Peter Grant
Neil Gray
Nia Griffith
Helen Goodman
Kate Green
Margaret Greenwood
Louise Haigh
Carolyn Harris
Harriet Harman
Harry Harpham
Sue Hayman
Drew Hendry
Stephen Hepburn
Kelvin Hepner
Kate Hollern
Stewart Hosie
lmran Hussain
Helen Jones
Gerald Jones
George Kerevan
Calum Kerr
Stephen Kinnock
Norman Lamb
David lammy
Chris Law
Chris Leslie
Clive Lewis
Emma Lewell-Buck
Rebecca Long Bailey
caroline Lucas
Rob Marris
Rachael Maskell
Christian Matheson
Michael Meacher
Alan Meale
Ian Mearns
Callum McCaig
Andy McDonald
Stewart McDonald
Stuart McDonald
Anne McLaughlin
John McDonnell
Natalie McGarry
Liz McInnes
John McNally
Angus MacNeil
Shabana Mahmood
Carol Monaghan
paul monaghan
Madeleine Moon
Grahame Morris
Roger Mullin
Greg Mulholland
John Nicolson
Brendan O’Hara
Kate Osamor
Kirsten Oswald
Steven Paterson
teresa pearce
Jess Phillips
John Pugh
Angela Rayner
Marie Rimmer
Margaret Ritchie
Angus Robertson
Geoffrey Robinson
joan ryan
Alex Salmond
Tommy Sheppard
Paula Sherriff
Dennis Skinner
Cat Smith
Jo Stevens
Christopher Stephenson
Alison Thewliss
Owen Thompson
Michelle Thomson
Stephen Timms
Michael Weir
Catherine West
Mark Williams
Corri Wilson
David Winnick
Rosie Winterton
Peter Wishart
Philippa Whitford
Eilidh Whiteford
lain Wright
Daniel Zeichner
Keith Vaz

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