#uniteandfight #budgetkills

Disabled People in the UK are currently scared and battered by the inhumanity of the Conservative Government and their merciless cuts.

In a few, short days, we will learn what they have in store for us next in the, so-called, ‘Emergency Budget’.

Over the past few days and weeks we have had clues, leaks and statements but, on Wednesday, we will learn the truth.

This is the time when we need to spring into action if we are going to survive. No longer can we just sit back and take it. No longer can we let them walk all over us. No longer can we let them do what they want if we want to live.

Too many people have died due to cutbacks and sanctions. Now is the time to say ‘No’.

Many different groups of Disabled People are starting to get organised and are starting to fight back but there are too many small groups and not enough big groups. There is too much in-fighting amongst the groups, too much petty bickering, too many people saying ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ and ‘My way is better than your way’.

Enough is enough. Now is the time to draw a line under all the childish arguments. Now is the time to act as one. Now is the time to stand tall, shoulder to shoulder, and fight for our lives.

Whilst we remain scattered amongst the many different groups littering social media then the Conservatives will be able to get away with what they are doing and go on doing it. We need to Unite and Fight and work together against the common oppressor and not against each other. If one group has a good idea, we all need to unite and go with it. Together.

So please, let us Unite and Fight together. Together we are strong. Together we can win.

Let us all stand together and say ‘No!’ If we all say it loud enough, someone will listen, someone will hear.

Let us all say it together on Wednesday. Let us all shout it in the streets. Let us shout it in shops, in cars and in buses throughout the country. Let us shout it in our homes and our workplaces. As the Chancellor stands up to deliver his speech let us stand, sit or lie down wherever we are and all shout ‘NO’ together.

Join me and shout ‘NO’ as loudly a you can.

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